We are very proud of our uniform. It is the outward image of our cadets and the Australian Air League and we wear our uniform with pride.

When a cadet first receives their uniform upon completing the Induction Course it can all seem a bit daunting. The following information will help you better understand where the badges need to be placed, how the uniform should be worn and the expectations of the Squadron of Cadets when they are wearing the uniform.

The blue Dress Uniform is worn on special events and activities such as Group and Federal Review, Anzac Day Marches, Remembrance Day Commemorations and any other community activity.

The Sports Uniform is worn during parade nights where physical activities have been scheduled. The sports uniform can also be worn at Group and Federal Reviews as well as at special activities such as bowling, camping or picnics.

The following links will take help you with additional information regarding the uniforms.

AAL Uniform Badge Guide. This link will provide you with everything you need to know regarding the placement of badges.

AAL Uniform and Grooming. It is important that the Australian Air League ensures that those members who wear its uniform, wear it correctly and present themselves in a manner which brings credit and a positive public perception of the League. The Standing Order that you will find here will outline the obligations and requirements for members of Queensland Group when wearing AAL uniform. This Standing Order is intended to supplement, not replace, the provisions of the AAL Manual, and should be read, and followed, in conjunction with the relevant sections and provisions of it.

Parents Guide to the Air League. The Parents Guide gives you a brief introduction into the Air League and explains in more detail some of the activities your children will be involved in.

Uniform inspection at group review

Uniform inspection at group review