What is the Air League?

The Australian Air League is a youth organisation for boys and girls aged from 8 years which encourages an interest in aviation as a career or as a hobby for the youth of Australia.The organisation is entirely self-funding and is staffed by volunteers who give their time generously to achieve its goals. The Australian Air League has no political, racial or religious connections.

The aims and objectives of the Australian Air League include:

  • To promote and encourage the development of Aviation in the Youth of Australia
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To promote ingenuity and resourcefulness of its members
  • To develop the physical and mental abilities of its members

The League's motto "A Vinculo Terrae" translates into "Free from the bonds of the Earth". This motto contains the very essence of flight into space.

How To Join

Are you interested in joining the Australian Air League Forest Lake Squadron? 

The Air League is for boys and girls aged 8 to 18 with a passion for aviation, fun and adventure. If that sounds like you - we'd love to hear from you!

First step is to contact our Commanding Officer by phone or e-mail to arrange to come along to one of our parade nights to see how it all works. We do have a rotating timetable and hold specific parade nights where we focus on education, drill, aircraft modelling and physical activities. From time to time we also have guest speakers from the aviation industry come along and have visits to aviation-related venues.

On your first night it'll all seem new, so we recommend that you come along for a few weeks first. This will give you a chance to enjoy Air League before you make a financial commitment.

I want to be a volunteer leader

Are you a dedicated adult with a passion for aviation who cares about the future of our children?

Air League Officers are volunteers from the community, often former cadets themselves or parents of cadets keenly interested in developing the potential of young Australians and willing to volunteer their time to develop today's young people.

You need to be able to allocate one night a week for Squadron parade nights, and to attend weekend activities such as camps and competition days that occur during the year.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact us!