Air activities are a popular event in our squadron and we have an annual Gliding camp that we attend at Gympie. 



Many people consider gliding to be the ultimate flying experience. It is a sport that can be enjoyed on many levels, from simple local flights to cross country soaring adventures, exhilarating aerobatics to national and international competitions.

Gliders soar on the air currents like a bird, and have been refined since the first glider carried man aloft in 1853 to highly efficient aerodynamic machines that can travel at 250kph on flights of over 1000km.

Glider flying is available to all members of the Australian Air League with training commencing at the age of 13. Cadets can fly solo in gliders at the age of 15 years - before they can even learn to drive a car!

Gliding within the Australian Air League is conducted in association with approved Gliding Clubs around the greater Brisbane area which are governed by the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA).  



Joy Flights

Flying is the highlight of the cadet training programme in the Australian Air League. It can be in the form of a simple scenic joyflight , an Air Activities course which encompasses a wide variety of aviation theory subjects, along with hands-on experience culminating in an Air Experience Flight, or full pilot training.

Often cadets will experience their first flight with the Australian Air League through an Air Experience Flight, where they will first undertake a briefing by an experienced pilot who will explain all about the aircraft that they will be flying in, along with an introduction to basic aerodynamics, the airfield and procedures. They will then board their aircraft and enjoy a flight around the local area.


Trial Introductory Flights

 Trial Introductory Flights can be scheduled with local flying schools at the cadet's expense. Due to our proximity with Archerfield airport, there are a large number of flying schools that provide this service.

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